Individual Services

Individual Tax Preparation Services

Let the professionals handle this stressfull time of the year. We take away all worries and headhaches associated with Income Tax Services. Do it yourself no longer works since money are left on the table.

Trust & Gift Taxes

If your assets are being held on a trust or you inherited money, proper Income Tax Returns need to be filed. If not filed accuratly, major tax consequences will follow. Let our team manage this process for you.

IRS Audit Representation

If you are being Audited by the IRS and you are looking for representation, our team of CPAs will be able to handle your audit and negotiate settlements with the IRS

Financial Planning

If you are having financial issues and you are not able to manage your finances, we will work with you very closely setting up and measuring your goals. Our CPAs will help you manage your income, expenses, and savings to reach your financials independence.


Other services available at New York Tax & Accounting Services Inc. Include: Notary Public, Debt Management, Translations, and Credit Repair.